Kayfabe Forever Now Has a Youtube Channel!

For those of you who would rather listen to the podcast via Youtube, Kayfabe Forever now has an official Youtube channel and Episode 10 is now available. Make sure to like and subscribe! https://youtu.be/DXA5XK-w2AA

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 10 03/09/18: Wrestlemania IV 30th Anniversary Edition

Wrestlemania IV is “What the World Is Watching” on March 27, 1988, and this year’s edition of the Colossal Tussle would feature a tournament for the vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship. In this episode, we’ll take a No Holds Barred look at why they WWF found their championship vacated, for both kayfabe and real-life reasons, and review the entire card of Wrestlemania IV along with who wins it all.  A winner is YOU, this week on Kayfabe Forever!


Fightful’s Brandon Howard wrote an excellent piece about Wrestlemania’s Business Stats that I found very insightful and it provided me with the financial info I mention about WMIV early in the show. You should read it!

There is a great list of all the WWF supercards and tournaments, and the match order and times for a whole slew of PPVs over at prowrestlinghistory.com. Check out the bracket by clicking here!

If you want to buy No Holds Barred, you can do so via Amazon by clicking here (I don’t have a linked page or get any kickbacks, just so you know.)

…before you buy NHB, please check it out on Rotten Tomatoes first!

Bob Uecker gets choked by Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania IV!

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 9 03/02/18: A Completely Savage Episode

OOH YEAH! This week’s episode is about the one and only Macho Man Randy Savage. I’ll discuss his life and career (ok, I’ll try not to spend too much time on his WCW run) and spend some time breaking down some of his classic matches and feuds along the way. This one takes a little longer to listen to than your average cup of coffee, but I’ve heard that the cream always rises to the top, so give this week’s Kayfabe Forever a listen, DIG IT?


Macho Man Randy Savage – “Be A Man” on iTunes

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 8 02/26/18: Where Do Horsemen Come From?

Gather around everyone, it’s time for Episode 8 of Kayfabe Forever! This week,  I’ll tell you a tale of Golden Lovers; Elimination Chambers good and bad; and the cautionary tale of Jim Crockett Promotions: the most talent-rich wrestling promotion ever.

“Mark, where do Horsemen come from?”

“That’s easy, sport: Jim Crockett Promotions!”

All that and more, this week on Kayfabe Forever!


Jim Crockett Promotions: The Good Old Days documentary on HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro watch the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Upcoming Show Schedule:

March 2: Macho Man Randy Savage

March 9: Wrestlemania IV

March 16: Rock/Austin Trilogy of Wrestlemania main event matches

March 23: Wrestlemania XIV

March 30: Andre the Giant

April 6: Wrestlemania’s Top 10 Matches and Wrestlemania 34 preview

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 7 02/15/18: I Hart You!

While recording this episode, I almost lost my smile. Don’t worry: sunny days are ahead for Kayfabe Forever! Join me this week when I talk about the great Bret Hart’s incredible WWF tenure and I take you through some of the “The Hitman’s” greatest matches, some of which you know already and some are lesser known hidden gems. While not exactly excellently executed, this episode of Kayfabe Forever is beyond a shadow of a doubt the longest there is, the longest there was, and the longest there ever will be!

Here is the link to the reddit thread that has the list of Bret Hart matches put together by redditor MatthewMir (H/T to redditor NewSpicey for the rec!)

Kayfabe Forever Special Episode – 02/01/18: SO…MUCH…NEWS…

Since this Friday’s regular episode is all about The Hitman, I went ahead and eliminated the news segment from the show…by making it a stand-alone mini-sode (not a word)! In this special news-isode(also not a word), I’ll talk all about the big weekend that WWE had in Philly and get you up to speed about the latest Bullet Club drama that came out of New Japan’s New Beginning’s event in Sapporo.

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 6 – 1/26/18: Royal Rumblin’, Fumblin’, and Stumblin’

We’re back again this week, with an episode fit for royalty! This week, we’ll talk about the good, bad, and just plain weird of all things Royal Rumble in both our History and Main Event segments. We’ll also discuss the very strange news week that was had by the WWE and look ahead at next week’s very pink episode (hint, hint…). All of that (and some shameless self promotion) on this week’s over the top rope episode of Kayfabe Forever!

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 5 – 1/19/18: Finally The Mark Has Come Back…To Podcasting

They say that you can’t keep a good man down, but the illness running wild through my house sure tried, BROTHER! Kayfabe Forever is back and we’re here to talk 2017’s best wrestlers and matches, along with what we expect in 2018. I’ll also talk about some books (you know, those things you were forced to read in school?) that I read while trying not to tap out to The Reaper, and I’ll recap NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12. This week’s episode is more than just a run-in, so grab your best hold and give it a listen!

Podcast Update: Too Sick, Bro!


Unfortunately, the illness that started creeping up on me last week while podcasting has taken my voice completely, so there will be no new show this week. Sorry!

In place of the audio, I will be posting an article as part of the “Kayfabe Thoughts” series. It will be published Thursday morning, when the podcast would normally drop. Check it out then!

Also, we are now on Tune In Radio, just search “Kayfabe Forever” (or click the link here).

Thanks for listening and talk to you soon!

Kayfabe Forever, Episode 4 – 12/21/17: Deck the Hall (of Fame)!

Technological gremlins tried to play Scrooge with this week’s episode, but we said “bah humbug!” to them and prevailed. On this holiday edition of Kayfabe Forever, we’ll talk all about the WWE Hall of Fame. We’ll talk all about the naughty and nice honorees, see who’s stocking might contain an invite soon, and I’ll even play Grinch to some members who maybe should have gotten coal instead of a ring. Toss another Yule Log on the fire (or find that nifty channel on TV that plays it 24/7), pour yourself a hot beverage, and unwrap this week’s Kayfabe Forever!